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New Zealand's most forward-thinking technology group.

We know how to make New Zealand’s technology companies fly. We identify ICT enterprises that are packed with potential and partner with them to nurture their ability to innovate, grow and become market leaders. 

Every business that has joined our group is growing, because they have the time and resources they need to attain their goals. Their specialisations span the technology landscape, from telecommunications and IT services to health, real estate and retail – and everything in between.

We’re always interested in talking to new prospects for our group, especially when they display the characteristics we admire – uniqueness, courage, passion and hard-working determination.

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Best-practice shared in-house resources are at the heart of New Zealand Technology Group’s business model. On your own it’s expensive to hire the best people to take care of ‘necessary but non-core’ business management functions. But as a member of New Zealand Technology Group you get all the expert business management support you need, and then some.


Our finance team manage the core areas of finance, asset management, debtor & creditor management,...

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Customer Support

Our exceptional customer support team look after the business you’ve already won.

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Sales and Marketing

In our experience, tech companies are great at developing ideas, but not so great at...

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Human Resources

As a smallish independent company, you’re unlikely to ever have the benefit of an HR...

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We can help you create a more cost-effective, secure and responsive infrastructure that scales and...

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Our group has spent over 10 years building internal software systems to manage core parts...

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Growing NZ’s tech industry is a Group effort

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